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Cyber Monday 2023: What Deals to Expect From the Sale

Cyber Monday 2023: What Deals to Expect From the Sale

Cyber Monday 2023: What Deals to Expect From the Sale


As the excitement of Black Friday settles, savvy shoppers are already gearing up for the next big event – Cyber Monday 2023. If you’re looking to score incredible deals without braving the Black Friday madness, Cyber Monday is your golden ticket. In this guide, we’ll delve into the dates, the key differences between Cyber Monday and Black Friday, and what deals you can anticipate from major retailers.

When Does Cyber Monday Start in 2023?

1. Actual Date

Cyber Monday falls on Monday, November 27 in 2023.

2. Early Start

Retail giants like Amazon kick off their Cyber Monday sales earlier, with deals starting on Saturday, November 25.

Upcoming Cyber Monday Sale Dates

  1. Amazon Cyber Monday – Starts November 25
  2. Walmart Cyber Monday – Starts November 26
  3. Best Buy Cyber Monday – Starts November 26
  4. Target Cyber Monday – Starts November 26
  5. Newegg Cyber Monday – Starts November 26
  6. Costco Cyber Monday – Starts November 27

Cyber Monday vs Black Friday: What’s The Difference?

3. Shift in Dynamics

While both events have shifted heavily online, the timing remains a crucial distinction.

4. Timing Considerations

If you’re averse to Thanksgiving weekend shopping, waiting for Cyber Monday could provide similar discounts without the Black Friday rush.

The Best Cyber Monday Deals – What to Expect 2023

5. Apple Products

Expect enticing discounts on AirPods, iPads, MacBooks, iPhones, and Apple Watches from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

6. Gaming ConsolesCyber Monday 2023: What Deals to Expect From the Sale

Cyber Monday is an opportune time for PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch deals, often in the form of bundled offers.

7. PCs and Laptops

Major manufacturers and online retailers will roll out discounts on gaming PCs and laptops.

8. SSDs

With prices potentially dropping over 50%, Cyber Monday is prime time to snag a deal on Solid State Drives.

9. Graphics CardsCyber Monday 2023: What Deals to Expect From the Sale

While GPU prices stabilize, Cyber Monday might offer the best chance to buy a decent graphics card at a reasonable price.

10. TVs                                                                                Cyber Monday 2023: What Deals to Expect From the Sale

Online giants will present substantial price cuts on various TV models, including OLED and QLED.

11. Phones

New releases like the iPhone 15 Pro could see promotions from mobile carriers and straight discounts from retailers.

12. Headphones and Earbuds

Look out for deals on AirPods, Sony, Beats, and Samsung headphones, possibly with free bundled earbuds.

13. Tablets and E-Readers

Kindle deals and other tablet discounts make Cyber Monday an ideal time to pick up versatile tech gadgets.

14. Video Games

Expect price drops on popular games, excluding the newest releases, making it a great time to build your game collection.

15. Vacuums and Kitchen Appliances

High-quality vacuums and kitchen appliances often see significant discounts during Cyber Monday sales.

The Best Cyber Monday Retailers

16. Amazon Cyber Monday Sale

With over 50% of online shoppers flocking to Amazon, anticipate competitive pricing across various categories.

17. Best Buy Cyber Monday Sale

Best Buy’s Cyber Monday sale promises great deals on tech, video games, kitchen appliances, and more.

18. Walmart Cyber Monday Sale

Walmart, known for its impressive Black Friday deals, continues the trend with noteworthy discounts on TVs, toys, and furniture.

19. Target Cyber Monday Sale

Target’s Cyber Monday deals rival its Black Friday offerings, with unique discounts on electronics and in-house brands.

As Cyber Monday 2023 approaches, the anticipation for incredible deals across diverse product categories is palpable. Whether you’re eyeing tech gadgets, home appliances, or the latest fashion, this online shopping extravaganza has something for everyone.

FAQs About Cyber Monday 2023

Q1: Are Cyber Monday deals only available online?

A: While the majority of deals are online, some local shops may still offer in-store discounts.

Q2: Can I expect the same deals on Cyber Monday as Black Friday?

A: In many cases, yes. However, some Black Friday deals might expire before Cyber Monday.

Q3: Are Cyber Monday discounts time-sensitive?

A: Yes, some deals may have limited availability, so it’s advisable to act promptly.

Q4: Should I wait for Cyber Monday or buy during Black Friday?

A: It depends on your preferences. Cyber Monday offers a similar range of discounts, but some Black Friday deals might not carry over.

Q5: How can I maximize savings on Cyber Monday?

A: Keep an eye on early announcements, use price trackers, and explore bundled offers for additional savings.


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