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India Election Results 2024 : Vote Counting Begins as Modi Widely Expected to Win Historic Third Term

India Election Results 2024 : Vote Counting Begins as Modi Widely Expected to Win Historic Third Term

India Election Results 2024 Live: Vote Counting Begins as Modi Widely Expected to Win Historic Third Term

The 2024 India elections, the largest democratic exercise in the world, are reaching their climax as vote counting begins. With over one billion eligible voters, the outcome of this election is pivotal not only for India but also for the global political landscape. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is widely anticipated to secure a historic third term, a feat not accomplished since Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister.

Vote Counting Begins

As the sun rises on counting day, polling stations across India’s 543 constituencies begin the meticulous process of tallying votes. The process involves counting both paper ballots and electronic votes, cast through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) that have been in use since 2000. The Election Commission of India oversees this massive operation, ensuring each vote is accurately counted and recorded.

Current Status of Vote Count 

Three hours into the count, early trends show the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), with a significant lead. As of now, the NDA is leading in 294 of the 543 seats, positioning Modi well ahead in the race for his third term. Despite this strong showing, it falls short of the landslide predicted by exit polls.

Exit Poll Predictions

Exit polls released prior to the count projected a decisive victory for Modi and the NDA. These polls suggested that the BJP could achieve a two-thirds majority in Parliament, allowing for significant constitutional amendments. However, early results indicate a more competitive race, with the opposition INDIA bloc trailing with 222 seats.

Significance of Modi’s Potential Third Term India Election 2024

A third term for Modi would be historically significant, making him the second Prime Minister after Nehru to achieve this milestone. This victory would solidify Modi’s influence and potentially lead to profound changes in India’s political and social fabric. His tenure has been marked by significant economic reforms and a strong push towards Hindu nationalism.

Modi’s Influence on Indian Politics

Modi’s first two terms have been transformative for India. His government has implemented major economic initiatives, such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Make in India campaign. These policies have aimed to boost economic growth and position India as a global manufacturing hub. Additionally, Modi’s leadership has seen a rise in Hindu nationalist policies, which have been both praised and criticized.

Opposition’s Performance

The opposition, united under the INDIA bloc, has mounted a formidable challenge. Key players include the Indian National Congress, led by Rahul Gandhi, and regional parties with strong local bases. Despite this unity, early trends show the opposition trailing significantly. Their performance will be crucial in determining the extent of Modi’s mandate.

Challenges Faced During India Election 2024

Conducting an election in India is a logistical marvel. The 2024 elections saw unique challenges, including extreme heat that resulted in heatstroke deaths among polling staff. Ensuring voter turnout and managing the vast electoral machinery across diverse and often remote regions posed significant hurdles.

Disinformation and Election Integrity

The 2024  India elections elections were marred by unprecedented levels of disinformation. Both major parties accused each other of spreading false narratives, complicating the voters’ ability to make informed choices. The Election Commission implemented strict measures to combat misinformation, ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

Vote Counting Process

Vote counting in India is a rigorous process. It begins with the tallying of postal ballots, followed by the electronic votes from EVMs. Each vote is scrutinized to prevent fraud and ensure accuracy. The use of EVMs, which are tamper-proof and have a Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), enhances the transparency of the process.

When to Expect Final Results of India Election 2024

Final results are expected by late evening on counting day. The Election Commission will announce results for each constituency as counting concludes. Typically, key trends become clear by mid-afternoon, with the official count taking several more hours to finalize. The formation of the new government is anticipated by mid-June.

Public and Media Reaction

Early results have sparked reactions across the country. Modi’s supporters have begun celebrations, while opposition members are bracing for a closer contest than anticipated. Media coverage is extensive, with live updates and analyses dominating news channels.

Economic Implications of India Election Results

Investors are closely watching the election results. A third term for Modi is expected to bring continued economic reforms and stability. The market has reacted positively to the prospect of another Modi term, anticipating policies that favor growth and business-friendly regulations.

International Perspective

The world is keenly observing the Indian elections. A stable and strong government in India is crucial for global geopolitics and economics. Modi’s leadership has significantly shaped India’s foreign policy, and his re-election could strengthen India’s position on the global stage.


The 2024 India elections are a landmark event, with Narendra Modi poised to make history with a third term. As vote counting continues, the results will not only shape India’s future but also have far-reaching implications globally. Regardless of the final tally, this election underscores the strength and vibrancy of Indian democracy.


1. What makes the 2024 Indian general election significant?
The 2024 Indian general election is significant due to its sheer scale, with over one billion eligible voters, and the potential for Narendra Modi to secure a historic third term as Prime Minister.

2. How is the vote counting process conducted in India?
Vote counting in India begins with postal ballots, followed by electronic votes from EVMs. The process is monitored by the Election Commission of India to ensure accuracy and transparency.

3. What are the major parties involved in the 2024 Indian election?
The major parties include the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Narendra Modi and the Indian National Congress (INC) led by Rahul Gandhi, along with various regional parties and coalitions like the NDA and UPA.

4. Why is a third term for Narendra Modi considered historic?
A third term for Modi would be historic because no Prime Minister since Jawaharlal Nehru has won three consecutive terms. It would solidify Modi’s influence on India’s political landscape.

5. What are the economic promises made by the BJP for the next term?
The BJP has promised to make India the world’s third-largest economy, focusing on infrastructure development, job creation, and digital innovation, aiming to boost economic growth significantly.

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