iPhone 16 Early Prototypes: What Apple’s Next-Generation iPhone Will Look Like

1. Introduction

With the recent launch of the iPhone 15, Apple enthusiasts are already buzzing about what the tech giant has in store for its next-gen iPhone 16. In this article, we delve into the early prototypes, design changes, and unique features that might define the iPhone 16.

2. iPhone 15 Design Evolution

The iPhone 15 set the stage with its curved frame and frosted glass back. How will Apple build upon these updates for the iPhone 16? Let’s explore the design evolution.

3. Early Pre-Production Designs for iPhone 16

Information from MacRumors provides insights into the early pre-production designs of the iPhone 16, code-named DeLorean by Apple engineers. What do these designs reveal about the next-gen iPhone?

4. Variants and Hardware Configurations

Explore the various variants and hardware configurations that Apple has considered during the iPhone 16 design process. Are there multiple options in the works?

5. Mockups of iPhone 16

We’ve included mockups based on Apple’s internal designs, showcasing potential colors and button layouts for the iPhone 16. Dive into the visual representation of what might be Apple’s future flagship.

6. Vertical Camera Arrangement

One of the visually distinct changes is the new vertical camera arrangement. How does this alteration make the iPhone 16 easily recognizable, and what are the potential camera bump designs?

7. Flash Position and Camera Bump Designs

Uncover details about the flash position and the considerations between two camera bump designs – the ‌iPhone‌ 12-style and the ‌iPhone‌ X-type. How will these designs impact the overall aesthetics?

8. Unified Volume Button and Action Button

iPhone 16 Early Prototypes: What Apple's Next-Generation iPhone Will Look Like
Apple iPhone 16 prototypes (Image Credits: MacRumors)

Learn about the unified volume button from the canceled Bongo project and the retention of the Action Button from the iPhone 15 Pro. What led to the decision to revert to mechanical buttons for the iPhone 16?

9. Project Atlas and the Action Button

iPhone 16 Early Prototypes: What Apple's Next-Generation iPhone Will Look Like
Apple iPhone 16 mockups shared by MacRumors


Discover the early prototypes featuring a larger Action Button, developed as part of Project Atlas. How did this initiative aim to change the Action Button from mechanical to capacitive?

10. Capacitive Action Button

Signs point to a capacitive Action Button in the iPhone 16. What size variations have been considered, and how does this impact the user experience?

11. Introduction of the Capture Button

Apple is experimenting with a new Capture Button on the iPhone 16. What is Project Nova, and how does this button differ from traditional buttons?

12. Project Nova and the Capture Button

Explore the features of the Capture Button, including the force sensor and “tact-switching” functionality. What role does Project Nova play in this new addition?

13. Alternate Hardware Configuration

Learn about Apple’s contingency plan – an alternate hardware configuration without the Capture Button. Why is this backup plan in place, and what challenges might arise during the button’s development?

14. Front Design and Dynamic Island

iPhone 16 Early Prototypes: What Apple's Next-Generation iPhone Will Look Like
Apple iPhone 16 mockups shared by MacRumors

While the front design remains unchanged, delve into the details of the Dynamic Island. What features can users expect on the face of the iPhone 16?

15. USB-C Port and Color Options

Uncover details about the expected USB-C port and the color options that have surfaced in early prototypes. How does Apple decide on the palette for its testing phase?

16. Key Updates in iPhone 16

iPhone 16 Early Prototypes: What Apple's Next-Generation iPhone Will Look Like
Apple iPhone 16 prototypes (Image Credits: MacRumors)

Summarize the key updates expected in the iPhone 16, from the vertical camera arrangement to the introduction of new capacitive buttons. What makes the iPhone 16 stand out from its predecessor?

17. Conclusion

As we explore the early designs of the iPhone 16, it’s crucial to note that Apple’s design plans are not yet finalized. While certain aspects seem promising, additional changes are possible before the official release.

18. FAQs

Q1: When is the expected release date for the iPhone 16? A: The iPhone 16 is still far from release, and Apple has not officially announced a launch date.

Q2: Will the iPhone 16 have a significant design overhaul? A: While the chassis remains similar, key updates include a vertical camera arrangement and new capacitive buttons.

Q3: What is Project Nova, and how does it relate to the iPhone 16? A: Project Nova is Apple’s internal project developing the new Capture Button for the iPhone 16.

Q4: Are there any changes to the front design of the iPhone 16? A: The front design, featuring the Dynamic Island, remains largely unchanged from the iPhone 15.

Q5: How many color options are expected for the iPhone 16? A: Early prototypes have been seen in three colors: yellow, pink, and midnight, with additional colors tested during the development phase.

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