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Manipulated Elon Musk videos promote fake investment app to Canadians

Manipulated Elon Musk videos promote fake investment app to Canadians

Manipulated Elon Musk videos promote fake investment app to Canadians

Manipulated Elon Musk videos promote fake investment app to Canadians

Facebook videos promoting an artificial intelligence (AI) investment opportunity for Canadians have been circulating on the platform. These videos feature manipulated footage from news anchors and billionaire Elon Musk, along with claims of a new AI trading app that can help Canadians make money. However, these offers are not genuine, and the clips use altered footage from unrelated news broadcasts and speeches. Moreover, the posts do not provide links to any legitimate trading websites.

One particular Facebook video, posted on June 19, 2023, has garnered over 62,000 views and shows Gayle King from “CBS Mornings” seemingly endorsing the elon musk canadian investment ai opportunity. The clip then transitions to Elon Musk, who is portrayed as the creator of the AI trading app. Musk appears to claim that the software has a success rate of 91% in trading stocks.

Numerous other videos promoting the same elon musk canadian investment ai opportunity from Musk have also spread across Facebook, accumulating hundreds of thousands of views. Similar claims have targeted Australians as well. Some of these videos feature well-known figures like David Cochrane from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) show “Power & Politics” and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

However, upon conducting reverse image searches, it becomes evident that the footage has been manipulated. The original videos do not mention any AI investment apps. Even Musk’s clips resemble previous interviews he has given, unrelated to AI investment apps.

The manipulated footage of other public figures is also apparent. For instance, the video featuring Gayle King matches a clip from December 9, 2022, discussing an entirely different topic. CBS News has confirmed that the Facebook clip is not authentic. Similarly, CBC spokeswoman Kerry Kelly has verified that the footage of David Cochrane is fabricated. In the Tucker Carlson video, while the host’s clothing and movements match a segment from September 2022, a generic “Daily News” graphic is superimposed instead of the Fox News logo.

Manipulated Elon Musk videos promote fake investment app to Canadians

Several other indicators suggest that these videos are not genuine. Many pages that initially shared the clips have removed them, while those still online have hidden comments, preventing users from warning others about the manipulated content. Furthermore, some of these pages’ most recent posts date back several years, casting doubt on their authenticity. Additionally, the links associated with the videos do not direct users to any legitimate AI elon musk canadian investment ai websites. Instead, they lead to online stores selling unrelated items like bridesmaids’ dresses and coffee products.

One of the noticeable characteristics of these videos is that the speech does not synchronize with the speakers’ lips, indicating the presence of deepfakes. Deepfakes are synthetic media created using AI techniques, where genuine audio or video files are manipulated to mimic the characteristics of the original content. Unfortunately, AI-manipulated imagery is becoming increasingly popular and is often employed to spread misinformation.

In May 2023, AFP debunked deepfakes used to promote fake elon musk canadian investment ai opportunities for Canadians, highlighting the prevalence of such misinformation tactics. It is crucial to remain vigilant and verify the authenticity of information before making any investment decisions or sharing misleading content.





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