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Pakistan Election 2024

Pakistan Election 2024 Updates

Pakistan Election 2024 Updates

The Pakistan Election 2024 has been a significant event marked by intense participation and various challenges. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the live updates and key developments:

Election Day Highlights:

  1. Massive Voter Turnout: Millions of Pakistanis queued up at polling stations across the country to exercise their democratic right.
  2. Challenges and Allegations: The election day was marred by allegations of poll rigging and incidents of violence, including militant attacks.
  3. Security Measures: The government deployed over 650,000 security personnel to ensure the safety of voters and polling stations.

Internet Shutdown Controversy:

The decision to suspend mobile phone services and the internet nationwide drew criticism from Amnesty International. The move was deemed a violation of people’s rights and impeded access to information.

Election Transparency:

Despite the disruptions, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) assured the public of a transparent and peaceful electoral process. The unexpected suspension of cellular and internet services did not hinder citizens from casting their votes.

Results Announcement Pakistan Election 2024

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) spokesperson, Haroon Shinwari, reiterated that the election results would be announced on time. The internet outages were assured not to affect the electoral system’s functioning.

Poll-Related Complaints:

The ECP addressed and resolved 76 poll-related complaints promptly. Most of the issues were minor confrontations between political workers, which were resolved on-site.

Importance of Form 45:

Political parties, including the PTI, emphasized the importance of collecting Form 45, which contains essential details about the vote count. This ensured transparency in the electoral process.

Conclusion of Polling:

Despite challenges, polling concluded across Pakistan at 5 pm. The day witnessed unfortunate incidents, including loss of lives due to militant attacks.

Post-Election Challenges:

The newly elected government will face significant challenges, including economic crises, security threats, and managing political divisions.

Critique from International Organizations:

Amnesty International criticized the internet shutdown as a violation of human rights and urged authorities to restore services immediately.

Reaffirmation of Election Transparency:

The CEC reassured the public that the electoral process was transparent and peaceful, dismissing concerns raised by political parties and human rights organizations.

Update: Vote Counting Progress:

As of the latest update, vote counting has commenced across Pakistan. The Election Commission expects partial and unofficial results to trickle in by the evening. Complete results are anticipated from urban areas after 10 pm, with potential delays in rural regions.


The Pakistan Election 2024 reflects the nation’s commitment to democracy despite challenges. The outcomes will shape the country’s future political landscape, with hopes for stability and progress.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: What is Form 45, and why is it significant?
    • A: Form 45 contains vital details about the vote count, ensuring transparency in the electoral process.
  2. Q: How did the internet shutdown affect the election?
    • A: The suspension of internet services drew criticism for impeding access to information and violating rights.
  3. Q: What challenges will the incoming government face?
    • A: The new government will confront economic crises, security threats, and political divisions.
  4. Q: How did international organizations respond to the election?
    • A: Amnesty International criticized the internet shutdown as a violation of human rights.


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