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Unlocking ChatGPT: Free Features, Including Custom GPTs, Now Available to All Users May 30 2024

Unlocking ChatGPT: Free Features, Including Custom GPTs, Now Available to All Users May 30 2024

Unlocking ChatGPT: Free Features Now Available to All Users


The world of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, and ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI, is at the forefront of this revolution. Recently, significant updates have been rolled out, making advanced features previously reserved for paid subscribers now available to free users. This is a game-changer for many who rely on ChatGPT for various tasks. Let’s delve into these exciting new features and what they mean for all users.

The Evolution of ChatGPT

When ChatGPT first launched, it was an innovative tool that allowed users to interact with AI in a conversational manner. Over time, it introduced paid tiers such as ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise, which offered advanced features like data analytics, custom GPTs, and more. These enhancements significantly expanded the utility of ChatGPT, but they were behind a paywall—until now.

New Features for Free Users

Free users of ChatGPT can now access several advanced features, including:

  • Custom GPTs
  • Data analytics and chart creation
  • Vision capabilities
  • Memory function

These tools, once exclusive to paying subscribers, are now open to everyone, enhancing the overall user experience and expanding the potential applications of ChatGPT.

Unlocking ChatGPT: Free Features, Including Custom GPTs, Now Available to All Users May 30 2024

Custom GPTs for Free Users

Custom GPTs are pre-trained models tailored to specific tasks or interests. For instance, some popular custom GPTs include an on-demand thesaurus and an Ikea shopping guide. While free users can explore and use these custom GPTs, they are limited in their ability to create new ones. This restriction ensures that the creation tools remain a premium feature, though the accessibility of existing custom GPTs provides substantial value.

Data Analytics and Chart Creation

The data analytics feature allows users to connect their OneDrive and Google Drive accounts to ChatGPT. This integration facilitates faster data analysis and the creation of customizable charts. Imagine quickly generating insights and visualizations from your data without needing advanced software skills—this is now possible for free users. Use cases range from academic research and business reporting to personal finance tracking.

Vision Capabilities

The new vision capabilities enable ChatGPT to analyze and respond to images. This feature can be used in various ways, such as asking questions about photos, interpreting charts, and more. For example, you can upload a photo of a garden, and ChatGPT can help identify plant species or suggest landscaping ideas. This functionality opens up a plethora of practical applications, making ChatGPT an even more versatile tool.

Memory Function

The memory function allows ChatGPT to retain context across sessions, which significantly improves user interactions. With this feature, ChatGPT can remember your preferences, previous interactions, and specific details, providing a more personalized experience. Whether you’re working on a long-term project or just want your AI assistant to remember your favorite coffee order, the memory feature is a significant enhancement.

Advantages for Paid Subscribers

While these features are now available to free users, paying subscribers still enjoy additional benefits, such as higher message limits. When free users hit their message cap while using GPT-4o, they will automatically revert to GPT-3.5, ensuring continued access but with fewer capabilities. This tiered approach maintains an incentive for subscribing while democratizing access to advanced tools.

Voice Features

ChatGPT also includes voice capabilities, allowing users to interact with the AI through spoken commands. However, the controversial Sky voice, noted for its similarity to Scarlett Johansson’s performance in “Her,” has been removed due to public feedback. Other voice options remain available, providing flexibility in how users choose to interact with ChatGPT.

Creating Custom GPTs

For those interested in creating their own GPTs, the process involves several steps:

  • Log In and Explore: Visit and log in. Click on “Explore GPTs” and select the “Create” button.
  • Naming and Describing Your GPT: Choose a descriptive name and provide a clear description. You can also upload an image or generate one using DALL·E.
  • Building Your GPT: Input commands to define how your GPT will function. You can also add conversation starters and enable advanced features like internet access and code execution.
  • Saving and Sharing: Once created, you can choose to keep your GPT private or share it publicly. Select a category for your GPT and copy the shareable link.

Monetizing Custom GPTs

Creators can also monetize their custom GPTs through a revenue-sharing program that OpenAI has been testing. This allows creators to earn money based on the usage and popularity of their custom GPTs. Some success stories include developers who have created highly specialized GPTs for niche markets and have seen substantial user engagement.

Practical Applications of ChatGPT Features

The new features in ChatGPT have numerous practical applications:

  • Businesses can leverage data analytics for better decision-making and efficiency.
  • Educational institutions can use vision capabilities for interactive learning experiences.
  • Personal productivity is enhanced through custom GPTs and memory functions, making everyday tasks simpler and more efficient.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Feedback from free users has been overwhelmingly positive. Many appreciate the increased accessibility to advanced features, which were previously only available to paid subscribers. User testimonials highlight the utility of data analytics in academic research, the convenience of custom GPTs for personal tasks, and the enhanced interactions enabled by the memory function.

Future of ChatGPT

Looking ahead, OpenAI plans to continue improving ChatGPT with new features and enhancements. Upcoming updates may include more advanced AI capabilities, broader integration options, and further personalization features. The future of ChatGPT looks promising, with the potential to significantly impact how we interact with AI in our daily lives.


In summary, the recent updates to ChatGPT bring powerful tools to free users, democratizing access to advanced AI capabilities. These features—custom GPTs, data analytics, vision, and memory—enhance the overall user experience and open up new possibilities for productivity, creativity, and personal efficiency. Now is the perfect time to explore what ChatGPT has to offer and unlock its full potential.


Can free users create their own custom GPTs?

No, free users can explore and use existing custom GPTs but cannot create new ones.

What happens when free users reach their message limit?

They will automatically revert to using GPT-3.5 until their limit resets.

Is the memory feature available to all users?

Yes, the memory feature is available to all users, enhancing personalized interactions.

Why was the Sky voice removed?

The Sky voice was removed due to public feedback and its controversial similarity to a popular film character.

How can creators monetize their custom GPTs?

Creators can participate in a revenue-sharing program, earning money based on the usage and popularity of their custom GPTs.

References: Google News

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