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LinkedIn’s Exciting New Venture: Positive Impact of In-App Puzzle Games on Professional Networking


LinkedIn, the renowned professional networking platform with over 1 billion users worldwide, is poised for a groundbreaking shift. In a move that signifies a paradigm shift in social networking, LinkedIn is venturing into the realm of in-app puzzle-based games. This strategic decision aims not only to enhance user engagement but also to transform the platform into a more interactive and enjoyable space.

The Evolution of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long been synonymous with professional networking and career development. Launched in 2003, it quickly became the go-to platform for professionals seeking to connect, share insights, and explore job opportunities. Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem, offering a myriad of features tailored to professionals across various industries.

The Rise of Social Gaming

Image credit: LinkedIn
Image credit: LinkedIn

The rise of social gaming has been a notable trend in recent years, with platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram integrating games to captivate users and prolong their time spent on the platforms. This shift reflects a broader movement towards gamification, where elements of gameplay are infused into non-gaming contexts to drive engagement and participation.

LinkedIn’s Innovative Approach to User Engagement

Enhancing User Experience through Games

LinkedIn’s foray into in-app games represents a bold move aimed at revolutionizing user experience. By introducing puzzle-based games, such as ‘Queens’, ‘Inference’, and ‘CrossClimb’, LinkedIn seeks to offer users a refreshing break from traditional networking activities while fostering a sense of fun and camaraderie.

The Influence of Wordle’s Success

The success of simple puzzle games like Wordle has undoubtedly influenced LinkedIn’s gaming strategy. As users increasingly seek leisure activities within digital platforms, LinkedIn recognizes the opportunity to cater to diverse user preferences and deepen user engagement through gamified experiences.

Exploring LinkedIn’s Upcoming Games

Titles Revealed: ‘Queens’, ‘Inference’, ‘CrossClimb’

Recent discoveries by app researcher Nima Owji have unveiled LinkedIn’s upcoming game titles. ‘Queens’ promises a captivating puzzle experience, while ‘Inference’ and ‘CrossClimb’ add further dimensions to the gaming landscape. These games are not merely recreational but also serve to impact how companies are ranked based on their employees’ gaming performance.

Impact on Company Rankings

LinkedIn’s decision to integrate gaming elements into its platform introduces a novel dimension to professional networking. As users engage with these games, their scores will contribute to their respective companies’ rankings, potentially influencing perceptions and interactions within the professional sphere.

LinkedIn’s Strategic Alignment with Microsoft

Microsoft’s Role in LinkedIn’s Gaming Initiative

As a subsidiary of Microsoft, LinkedIn’s gaming venture aligns with Microsoft’s broader strategy in the gaming industry. With notable acquisitions such as Activision Blizzard, Microsoft’s expertise and resources are poised to complement LinkedIn’s foray into gaming, although specific details remain undisclosed.

Synergies and Opportunities

The collaboration between LinkedIn and Microsoft presents synergistic opportunities for innovation and growth. Leveraging Microsoft’s gaming prowess and LinkedIn’s expansive user base, the partnership holds promise for creating immersive and impactful gaming experiences within the professional networking landscape.

LinkedIn’s Gaming Section: A Closer Look

Insights from App Researchers

App researchers have provided invaluable insights into LinkedIn’s gaming section, shedding light on the planned games’ mechanics and objectives. The incorporation of leaderboards and employee scores adds a competitive yet engaging element to the gaming experience, fostering healthy competition and interaction among users.

Leaderboards and Employee Scores

One of the distinctive features of LinkedIn’s gaming section is the inclusion of leaderboards that rank companies based on their collective employees’ gaming performance. This gamified approach not only incentivizes participation but also enhances company visibility and reputation within the LinkedIn ecosystem.

LinkedIn’s Vision for the Future

Fostering Fun and Meaningful Connections

LinkedIn’s venture into gaming underscores its commitment to fostering fun and meaningful connections among professionals. By integrating puzzle-based games, LinkedIn aims to spark conversations, deepen relationships, and create memorable experiences that transcend traditional networking boundaries.

Addressing User Interests and Expectations

The introduction of gaming on LinkedIn reflects a strategic response to evolving user interests and expectations. As users increasingly seek interactive and engaging content, LinkedIn’s gaming section represents a proactive step towards meeting these demands and enriching the overall user experience.


LinkedIn’s decision to develop in-app puzzle-based games marks a pivotal moment in its evolution as a social networking platform. By embracing gamification, LinkedIn not only enhances user engagement but also diversifies its offerings to cater to a broader range of user preferences. As the platform prepares for the launch of its gaming section, anticipation mounts regarding the impact and reception of this innovative initiative.


  1. Will LinkedIn’s games be accessible to all users?LinkedIn has not yet clarified if the games will be exclusive to premium users or accessible to all users.
  2. How will the gaming feature impact company rankings on LinkedIn?Users’ scores in the games will contribute to their companies’ rankings, potentially influencing professional perceptions.
  3. What inspired LinkedIn to venture into gaming?The success of simple puzzle games like Wordle and the desire to enhance user engagement were key inspirations.
  4. Is Microsoft directly involved in LinkedIn’s gaming initiative?While LinkedIn is a subsidiary of Microsoft, specific details regarding Microsoft’s involvement have not been disclosed.
  5. When can users expect the launch of LinkedIn’s gaming section?LinkedIn has not provided an official release date for its gaming section, leaving users eager for updates and announcements.

References: Alitech Blog, Google News

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