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Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat is Coming to Mobile Browsers in 2023

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat is Coming to Mobile Browsers in 2023

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat is Coming to Mobile Browsers in 2023


In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Microsoft has been at the forefront of innovation. One such advancement is the AI-powered Bing Chat, which is set to make its way to mobile browsers soon. While Bing Chat has been available in separate Android and iOS mobile apps since its launch in February, Microsoft is taking the next step by opening it up to all mobile browsers, ending the restriction to Microsoft’s Edge browser. This move is part of Microsoft’s broader efforts to enhance user experience and accessibility.Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat is Coming to Mobile Browsers in 2023

The Evolution of Bing Chat

Bing Chat was officially introduced by Microsoft six months ago, initially restricted to its own Edge browser. However, recognizing the value and potential of this AI-powered feature, Microsoft started testing compatibility with Chrome and Safari desktop browsers in late July. The positive feedback from users encouraged Microsoft to further expand its availability by making it accessible on third-party mobile browsers as well.

The Exciting Features of Bing Chat

With the expansion to third-party browsers, Bing Chat brings a plethora of exciting features to users’ fingertips. From summarized answers to image creation and more, this AI-powered tool offers unparalleled value in retrieving information quickly and efficiently. The Bing team is enthusiastic about the broader audience that will now experience these capabilities.

The Success of Bing Chat

Since its initial release, Bing Chat has enjoyed nine consecutive quarters of growth on Microsoft’s Edge browser. This achievement can be attributed to the exclusivity of Bing Chat on Edge. The feature has become increasingly popular, boasting over 1 billion chats and facilitating the generation of over 750 million images using the service.

Bing Chat’s Expansion to Microsoft Windows 11

Not stopping at mobile browsers, Microsoft is taking Bing Chat to the next level by incorporating it into Windows 11 through “Windows Copilot.” This feature will serve as a sidebar, enhancing user productivity and accessibility within the Windows 11 operating system. Currently in the testing phase, Windows Copilot is expected to roll out to all Windows 11 users later this year, further cementing Microsoft’s commitment to providing seamless AI integration.


Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat has come a long way since its launch, garnering immense popularity within its ecosystem. With the upcoming expansion to third-party mobile browsers and integration into Windows 11, Bing Chat is set to become an indispensable tool for users seeking efficient and reliable AI assistance.


1. What is Bing Chat? Bing Chat is an AI-powered feature developed by Microsoft, designed to provide users with quick and summarized answers to their queries, as well as image creation and more.

2. Can I use Bing Chat on mobile browsers now? Yes, Microsoft is soon opening Bing Chat to all mobile browsers, making it accessible beyond its own Android and iOS apps.

3. How successful has Bing Chat been on Edge? Bing Chat has seen tremendous success on Microsoft’s Edge browser, achieving nine consecutive quarters of growth.

4. Will Bing Chat be available on Windows 11? Yes, Bing Chat will be integrated into Windows 11 through “Windows Copilot,” a sidebar feature designed to enhance user productivity.

5. How many chats and images have been generated using Bing Chat? There have been over 1 billion chats and more than 750 million images generated using Bing Chat since its launch.



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