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Introducing Nothing Phone (2a): Dimensity 7200 Pro and Innovative Glyph Design

Introducing Nothing Phone (2a): Dimensity 7200 Pro and Innovative Glyph Design

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Introducing Nothing Phone (2a): Dimensity 7200 Pro and Innovative Glyph Design

1. The Design Concept of Nothing Phone (2a)Introducing Nothing Phone (2a): Dimensity 7200 Pro and Innovative Glyph Design

Nothing Phone (2a) presents a blend of innovation and elegance in its design. The smartphone inherits Nothing’s signature Glyph design, first introduced in 2020.

1.1 The Dual Camera System

At the heart of its design lies a dual-camera system nestled within the NFC coil, aptly termed as ‘the eyes’ by Nothing.

1.2 Edge-Wrapped Back Panel

The phone boasts a back panel that gracefully wraps around the edges at a precise 90-degree angle, ensuring enhanced durability against accidental drops.

1.3 Aesthetic Options

Nothing Phone (2a) offers versatility in aesthetics, available in classic Black, pristine White, or the unique ‘Milk’ hue.

2. Performance and SpecificationsIntroducing Nothing Phone (2a): Dimensity 7200 Pro and Innovative Glyph Design

Powered by the Dimensity 7200 Pro chip, a result of collaboration with MediaTek, Nothing Phone (2a) promises top-notch performance.

2.1 Cutting-Edge Processor

Built on TSMC’s latest 4nm process, the processor clocks up to 2.8GHz, ensuring seamless multitasking and smooth user experience.

2.2 Stunning Display

The phone sports a 6.78-inch 10-bit AMOLED display, featuring a resolution of 1084x2412px. With a peak brightness of 1,300 nits and a variable refresh rate ranging from 30Hz to 120Hz, the display guarantees vivid visuals and fluid interactions.

3. Camera Capabilities

Nothing Phone (2a) doesn’t compromise on photography prowess, boasting a triple-camera setup that captures every moment with clarity.

3.1 Rear Camera Setup

Equipped with a dual 50MP system, comprising a wide-angle lens with OIS and a fixed-focus ultrawide lens, the rear cameras ensure stunning shots in any scenario.

3.2 Selfie Camera

The front houses a 32MP selfie camera, promising crisp and detailed self-portraits.

4. Battery and Charging

The phone houses a robust 5,000mAh battery, setting a new standard for longevity among its peers.

4.1 Rapid Charging

With support for up to 45W charging, the Nothing Phone (2a) can replenish 50% of its battery in just 23 minutes and reach a full charge within 59 minutes.

4.2 Longevity Assurance

Nothing assures that the battery will maintain 90% of its capacity even after 1,000 charging cycles, ensuring reliable performance over the years.

5. Availability and Pricing

Nothing Phone (2a) is now available for pre-order, offering two variants to cater to diverse user needs.

5.1 Global Availability

The base variant, featuring 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, is priced at €329, £319, or INR 23,999. Meanwhile, the higher-tier model, boasting 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage, is priced at €379, £349, or INR 27,999.

5.2 Exclusive Model for India

Indian consumers will also have access to an exclusive 8/256GB model, priced at INR 25,999.

6. Unique Sales Approach

In a departure from conventional sales channels, Nothing introduces a unique approach for US customers.

6.1 Developer Program

Prospective buyers in the US are required to apply for Nothing’s developer program and await approval before purchasing the phone for $349.

6.2 Inclusive Approval Process

Nothing assures that the approval process is open to all, even non-developers, albeit with a slight procedural deviation.


Nothing Phone (2a) emerges as a testament to innovation and affordability, offering a compelling blend of cutting-edge technology and distinctive design at an accessible price point.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I purchase the Nothing Phone (2a) outside of India and Europe?

  • Currently, the phone is available for pre-order globally, with specific sales channels for different regions.

2. What distinguishes the Nothing Phone (2a) from its predecessor?

  • While retaining the essence of its predecessor, the Nothing Phone (2a) offers upgraded specifications and a more accessible price point.

3. Does the Nothing Phone (2a) support wireless charging?

  • No, the Nothing Phone (2a) does not support wireless charging. However, it compensates with rapid wired charging capabilities.

4. What warranty coverage does Nothing offer for the Phone (2a)?

  • Nothing provides standard warranty coverage for manufacturing defects and malfunctions, ensuring peace of mind for consumers.

5. How does Nothing ensure the security of its devices?

  • Nothing commits to regular security updates for a duration of four years, safeguarding the device against potential vulnerabilities.


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