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The Return of the Bendy Phone: Lenovo's 2023 Concept Unveiled

The Return of the Bendy Phone: Lenovo’s 2023 Concept Unveiled

The Return of the Bendy Phone: Lenovo’s 2023 Concept Unveiled

In a dazzling display of innovation at Lenovo Tech World ’23, the tech giant brought back its bendable phone concept, and it’s cuter and more flexible than ever before. This article delves into Lenovo’s 2023 bendy phone concept, its features, and what this intriguing development means for the world of smartphones.


The Lenovo Tech World ’23 event was a whirlwind of exciting announcements and technological marvels. Amidst all the buzz about AI and appearances by tech luminaries, Lenovo stole the show by unveiling its latest iteration of the bendable phone concept. This concept initially surfaced in 2016, and after several years of development, Lenovo has managed to create a remarkable device that truly redefines what a smartphone can be.

A Flashback to 2016The Return of the Bendy Phone: Lenovo's 2023 Concept Unveiled

Back in 2016, Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola led to the debut of a unique smartphone with a flexible OLED display. This display allowed the phone to bend backward, wrapping around the wrist like a cuff. The technology was groundbreaking at the time, but it had limitations. The 2016 model could only assume a snap-bracelet mode, accompanied by an unsettling crunching noise.

The 2023 Bendy Phone: What’s New?

Fast forward to 2023, and Lenovo has gone back to the drawing board to refine its bendable phone concept. This time, they’ve introduced a more advanced version of the device. Unlike its predecessor, the 2023 model can flex into several poses, making it more versatile and user-friendly. It can transition from the classic snap-bracelet mode to a happy worm configuration, and even a tented mode. The tented mode, while somewhat incomplete cuff-style, represents a significant leap in the technology’s evolution.

The Bendy Phone’s Potential

The return of Lenovo’s bendable phone is not just a novelty; it has the potential to revolutionize the smartphone industry. Its unique form factor and flexibility open up a world of possibilities for users. The ability to wear your smartphone like a cuff or have it transform into a tented display mode adds a new dimension to mobile technology.

The Unveiling

The Lenovo Tech World ’23 event showcased this bendy phone for nearly two minutes, allowing the audience to witness its capabilities firsthand. Lexi Valasek, a member of the Motorola Innovation Research team, took the stage to present the device, highlighting the significant progress made since its initial reveal in 2016. The 2023 bendy phone is sleeker, more functional, and promises a smoother user experience.

Implications for the Future

With Lenovo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology, the 2023 bendy phone concept suggests a bright future for mobile devices. As technology advances, we can expect more innovative applications for flexible displays and form factors. Lenovo’s willingness to invest in such groundbreaking concepts keeps them at the forefront of the tech industry.


In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphone technology, Lenovo’s reintroduction of the bendy phone is a remarkable testament to human innovation. The 2023 model is more flexible, functional, and versatile than its predecessor, offering users a unique and exciting mobile experience. As we eagerly await its official release, it’s clear that Lenovo’s bendable phone concept is here to stay, and it’s poised to change the way we think about smartphones.


  1. When will Lenovo’s 2023 bendy phone be available to the public? Lenovo has not provided an official release date yet. However, it is expected to hit the market in the near future.
  2. What are the key features of the 2023 bendy phone? The 2023 bendy phone offers a flexible OLED display that can be worn like a cuff or used in various other configurations.
  3. How does the 2023 model compare to the 2016 version? The 2023 model is more advanced and can take on multiple poses, whereas the 2016 version could only assume a snap-bracelet mode.
  4. What potential applications does the bendy phone concept have in the future? The bendy phone concept has the potential to revolutionize mobile technology, with new form factors and uses on the horizon.
  5. Is Lenovo the only company working on bendable phone technology? While Lenovo is a key player, other tech companies are also exploring flexible display technology, suggesting a growing interest in this field.



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