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Bing's AI Finally Works on Google Chrome, but It's Better on Microsoft Edge, July 2023

Bing’s AI Finally Works on Google Chrome, but It’s Better on Microsoft Edge, July 2023

Bing’s AI Finally Works on Google Chrome, but It’s Better on Microsoft Edge, July 2023

The digital technology arena, dominated by giants like Google and Microsoft, is a hotbed of competitive innovation, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. This competition has produced notable events like the advent of Bing’s AI Chat on Android phones and the incident where Bing inaccurately generated an AI response for a Google Chrome search. Amidst this backdrop of rivalry and innovation, Microsoft has expanded the availability of their Bing AI chat experience, powered by ChatGPT and previously only available on their Edge browser, to now include Google Chrome.


Artificial intelligence has become a crucial aspect of digital technology, and tech giants like Microsoft and Google are continually striving to improve their AI experiences. In this race for innovation, Microsoft’s Bing AI chat experience has been a significant player. Initially accessible only via the Microsoft Edge browser, Bing’s AI chatbot is now making its way to Google Chrome, opening up new possibilities for users.

Bing AI Integration with Google Chrome

Earlier, the AI chatbot in Bing was exclusively accessible through the Microsoft Edge browser. However, Microsoft has decided to extend this functionality to Google Chrome users as well. According to reports by 9to5Google, the integration process is straightforward and user-friendly. As the rollout is still ongoing, users will soon be able to visit, click on the “Chat” icon in the top-left corner of the screen, and instantly activate the chatbot, which seamlessly merges with standard search results.

Limitations of Bing AI on Google Chrome

While the expansion of Bing’s AI chatbot to Google Chrome is undoubtedly a positive development, there are certain limitations to be aware of. In the Edge browser, users enjoyed a 4,000-character limit per question, but this has been reduced to 2,000 characters per question on Google Chrome. Additionally, the chat conversation resets in Chrome after only five messages, compared to Edge’s more forgiving maximum of 30 messages. While these limitations may not significantly impact the overall user experience, some users might find them frustrating.

Microsoft’s Efforts to Promote Bing AI

Microsoft has a history of promoting its own browser, Microsoft Edge, and encouraging users to adopt it over Google Chrome. This effort to sway users towards Edge resulted in Bing’s AI chat experience facing accusations of generating promotional content for Bing features rather than providing relevant search results for queries related to “Chrome.” This controversial practice drew criticism and undermined Bing’s reputation as Microsoft positioned the chat feature as a competitor to AI experiences like ChatGPT and Google Bard. After facing backlash, Microsoft promptly deactivated the feature, emphasizing its commitment to experimenting with new features to enhance customer experiences.

The Benefits of Bing AI on Chrome

Despite its limitations and previous controversies, the integration of Bing AI chat into Google Chrome brings a positive outcome for users. This development effectively merges the functionalities of Bing and Chrome, creating a seamless user experience. While the feature is still rolling out and may not be available to all users immediately, those eager to explore the AI chatbot can still access it via the Bing app on Android.


Bing's AI Finally Works on Google Chrome, but It's Better on Microsoft Edge, July 2023

Are These Limitations Artificial or Legitimate?

As Bing AI expands to browsers like Chrome and Safari, there are concerns regarding the limitations imposed. For instance, the character limit for prompts in Chrome and Safari is 2,000 characters, whereas Edge allows for 4,000 characters. Additionally, the message restriction in Chrome and Safari conversations is limited to five, while Edge accommodates up to 30 messages per conversation. Some users wonder if these limitations are artificially placed to encourage users to switch to Microsoft Edge. Pop-ups suggesting Edge downloads while using Bing Chat in Chrome or Safari further fuel these suspicions.


The integration of Bing AI chat with Google Chrome marks a significant step forward in the world of artificial intelligence. While certain limitations exist in the Chrome experience, the overall impact is positive for users seeking AI-powered assistance. Microsoft’s commitment to improving customer experiences and innovative features remains steadfast. As AI technology continues to evolve, users can expect even more seamless and sophisticated AI interactions across various platforms.


  1. Can I access Bing AI chat on Google Chrome? Yes, Microsoft has extended Bing AI chat to Google Chrome, allowing users to access the chatbot directly on
  2. What are the limitations of Bing AI on Google Chrome? Bing AI on Google Chrome has a 2,000-character limit for prompts and a conversation restriction of five messages, whereas Edge allows for 4,000 characters and supports 30 messages per conversation.
  3. Does Bing AI chat compete with ChatGPT and Google Bard? Initially, Bing AI chat was positioned as a competitor to AI experiences like ChatGPT and Google Bard. However, Microsoft deactivated the feature after it faced criticism for generating promotional content for Bing features instead of providing relevant search results.
  4. Is Bing AI chat available on other browsers besides Chrome and Safari? As of now, Bing AI chat is available on Google Chrome and Safari, in addition to its initial availability on Microsoft Edge.
  5. How can I try Bing AI chat on my Android device? Users eager to explore Bing AI chat can access it via the Bing app on Android devices.



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