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Apple Unveils Exciting iOS 18 Beta 3 Update: Everything You Need to Know

Apple Unveils Exciting iOS 18 Beta 3 Update: Everything You Need to Know


On Monday, Apple kicked off its third developer beta of iOS 18 Beta 3, bringing several new tricks and a host of bug fixes. Designed for iPhone users who register as developers, the latest update adds greater carrier support for RCS messaging, changes to the Photos app, tweaks to the emoji keyboard, and new visuals for the flashlight.

RCS Messaging Support

Introduction to RCS Messaging

First on the list continues to be RCS messaging, a long-awaited feature that Apple started rolling out with iOS 18 Beta 2. Thanks to RCS (Rich Communications Service) support, iPhone users can send their Android friends messages with read receipts, high-res photos and videos, audio clips, cool emojis, and more.

Expansion of Carrier Support

iOS 18 Beta 2 limited carrier support for RCS to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile in the US, but Beta 3 expands support to more providers. This includes carriers such as Videotron, Telus Mobility, and Bell in Canada, as well as Telefonica in Spain, SFR in France, and O2 in Germany, according to 9to5Mac.

Benefits of RCS Messaging

With RCS messaging, users can enjoy a richer and more interactive messaging experience, bridging the gap between iPhone and Android users. This feature enhances communication by providing functionalities that were previously limited to Apple’s iMessage.

Photos App Enhancements

Overview of Changes in the Photos App

Next on the list is the Photos app. During the iOS 18 beta period so far, the new version of the app has triggered concerns from some beta testers, who’ve given a thumbs down to the new interface. Changes in Beta 3, however, show that Apple isn’t done tweaking the app.

User Feedback and Concerns

With the latest update, the handy Select button is visible all the time, allowing you to easily run commands on multiple photos. You can also now pinch to zoom in and out of your photo views. Like other beta testers, I’ve been concerned about the new look and layout for the Photos app, so I hope Apple continues to fine-tune it.

New Features and Improvements

These changes aim to make the Photos app more user-friendly and efficient, addressing the concerns raised by early beta testers. The constant visibility of the Select button and the improved zoom functionality are steps in the right direction.

Emoji Keyboard Tweaks

Changes to the Emoji Keyboard

The emoji keyboard is another feature that Apple has improved in iOS Beta 3. When choosing this keyboard from the Messages app, the emoji icons are a tad larger. For me, this is a welcome change, as I sometimes have trouble seeing the finer details on an emoji I want to use in a text.

Impact on User Experience

The larger emoji icons make it easier to find and select the right emoji, enhancing the overall messaging experience. This tweak addresses a common issue users faced with the smaller icons in previous versions.

Comparison with Previous Versions

Compared to previous versions, the new emoji keyboard in iOS 18 Beta 3 offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, making it easier for users to express themselves through emojis.

Dynamic Wallpaper

Introduction to Dynamic Wallpapers

Another tweak in iOS Beta 3 affects the wallpaper for your Home screen and Lock screen. If you choose one of the new iOS 18 wallpaper images, the colors change as the day progresses.

How the Feature Works

You can start off by selecting a specific color or tone and then watch it gradually morph over time. The wallpaper seems like such a trivial feature, but considering how often you look at your phone’s screen, the right visuals can make a difference.

User Customization Options

This dynamic wallpaper feature allows for a more personalized and engaging user experience, with colors that adapt to the time of day, providing a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Flashlight Enhancements

New Interface for Flashlight Controls

The flashlight is another seemingly minor feature, but how often do you use it when you don’t have a real flashlight? In the previous iOS 18 developer beta, Apple tweaked the flashlight to give iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro owners a way to vary the brightness and adjust the width of the beam.

Features for iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro Users

With iOS 18 Beta 3, the flashlight now displays a curved line to indicate the width and brightness of the beam, as well as the peak intensity.

Visual Indicators for Brightness and Beam Width

These enhancements make the flashlight more versatile and user-friendly, allowing for greater control over its functionality in different lighting conditions.

Journal App Updates

Purpose of the Journal App

Also in Beta 3, Apple is trying to drum up more interest for its Journal app. Designed to prompt you to record thoughts about your daily events and activities, the new version lets you log your journaling time to the Health app as Mindful Minutes.

New Features in iOS 18 Beta 3

You can also journal based on walks or runs, as well as people and pets from the Photos app. I have to confess that I used the Journal app for a few weeks, but then lost interest. I still think a journal is a good idea, so I hope Apple continues to refine the app.

Integration with the Health App

The integration with the Health app adds a new dimension to journaling, making it a more holistic and beneficial activity for users looking to improve their mental well-being.

Control Center Customization

Changes in the Control Center

The Control Center has also seen some changes in Beta 3. Apple has made it easier to customize and access the features you use most.

Customization Options for Users

Users can now add, remove, and rearrange controls more efficiently, providing a more personalized and streamlined experience.

Impact on Daily Use

These customization options enhance the overall usability of the Control Center, making it more convenient for users to access essential features quickly.

Home Screen Customization

New Features for App Icons

iOS 18 beta 3 adds a new feature that automatically converts Home Screen app icons to dark mode. The feature appears to use some sort of machine learning image separation technology.

Dark Mode Integration

The default wallpaper in iOS 18 beta 3 has been updated to include a new color-changing “dynamic” option. If you enable this new dynamic settings, your wallpaper’s color will change at various points throughout the day.

Machine Learning Technology

This technology ensures that app icons blend seamlessly with the dark mode, providing a consistent and visually appealing Home screen.

Apple Maps Improvements

Dark Mode Tweaks

Apple has once again tweaked the colors of the Maps icon when ‌Dark Mode‌ is activated.

Visual Updates

These updates make the Maps app easier on the eyes during nighttime use, enhancing the overall user experience.

Enhanced User Experience

The dark mode tweaks ensure that users have a comfortable and visually consistent experience when using Apple Maps in low-light conditions.

Settings App Changes

Updates to RCS Messaging Settings

The Settings app has seen changes with the addition of RCS messaging. You can now dig into the new options under the Messages app to get detailed information on how and when you can send RCS messages and who can receive them.

Detailed Options and Information

This addition provides users with greater control and transparency over their messaging options, ensuring a smoother and more reliable messaging experience.

Accessibility Improvements

These updates also include several new accessibility features, making the Settings app more user-friendly for people with disabilities.

Beta Testing Recommendations

Importance of Beta Testing

As always, I recommend installing any iOS beta on a secondary iPhone. You don’t want to take the chance that a buggy update could throw off your iPhone experience.

Risks and Precautions

Beta versions can sometimes be unstable, so it’s important to back up your data and proceed with caution.

Recommendations for Users

If you are interested in exploring the latest features and providing feedback to Apple, participating in the beta program can be a rewarding experience.

Public Beta Release

Timeline for Public Beta

This latest version of iOS 18 beta 3 is expected to be made available to public beta testers by the end of this week.

Expected General Release Date

With the third iOS 18 beta, Apple appears to be closing in on the general release of its mobile OS. Though no release date has been set, we should see the final release by September, based on Apple’s usual schedule.

How to Join the Public Beta Program

To try out the public beta, you can register your device on Apple’s beta testing website and follow the instructions to download and install the beta version.

User Feedback and Future Updates

Importance of User Feedback

User feedback is crucial in shaping the final release of iOS 18. Apple relies on beta testers to identify bugs and provide suggestions for improvements.

How Apple Addresses Feedback

Apple takes user feedback seriously and continuously works on refining the software based on the input received from beta testers.

Expected Future Updates

We can expect more updates and refinements in the coming weeks as Apple prepares for the official release of iOS 18


In summary, iOS 18 Beta 3 brings a plethora of new features and improvements that enhance the overall user experience. From RCS messaging support and dynamic wallpapers to enhanced flashlight controls and a revamped Journal app, there’s a lot to explore. If you’re a developer or a tech enthusiast, I encourage you to try out the beta and provide your feedback to Apple. These updates not only improve functionality but also pave the way for a more seamless and enjoyable iPhone experience.


What is RCS messaging and why is it important?

RCS messaging is a communication protocol that enhances SMS with features like read receipts, high-res photos and videos, and more interactive messaging options, bridging the gap between iPhone and Android users.

How can I join the iOS 18 beta program?

To join the iOS 18 beta program, visit Apple’s beta testing website, register your device, and follow the instructions to download and install the beta version.

What are the main changes in the Photos app?

The main changes in the Photos app include a constantly visible Select button, improved zoom functionality, and a new interface aimed at enhancing user experience.

How do I customize my Home screen with the new features?

You can customize your Home screen by selecting dynamic wallpapers and using machine learning technology to blend app icons seamlessly with dark mode.

When will iOS 18 be officially released?

Based on Apple’s usual schedule, the final release of iOS 18 is expected by September, following several beta versions and refinements.

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