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Samsung Brings Artificial Intelligence and Health Tracking Innovations to New Devices at Galaxy Unpacked 2024

Samsung Brings Artificial Intelligence and Health Tracking Innovations to New Devices at Galaxy Unpacked 2024


Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, held in Paris on July 10, brought a wave of excitement with the introduction of new smartphones and wearables. This mid-year event emphasized the company’s dedication to artificial intelligence (AI) and health tracking, building upon the trends set earlier in the year. Let’s dive into the groundbreaking innovations and devices unveiled at this spectacular event.

New Smartphone Launches

Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6 stands out as the highlight of the event. This latest iteration is thinner and lighter than its predecessors, offering a sleek design coupled with powerful AI integrations. Priced at $1899, the Z Fold 6 features ultra-thin glass made with Samsung’s proprietary Shear Thickening Fluid (STF) and reduced bezels for a more immersive display.

AI Integration: One of the most significant upgrades is the integration of Google’s Gemini AI tool. This tool enhances productivity by utilizing the large screen for effective overlays, improving internal AI processes, image and graphics rendering, and overall computing power by substantial margins.

Galaxy Z Flip 6

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is another star of the show, priced at $1099. It boasts a 50-megapixel camera and is powered by the ProVisual Engine, enabling AI-driven object and light detection, detail sharpening, and AI-based zoom. The flex cam leverages the phone’s foldability, allowing hands-free videos and group selfies with ease.

AI-Powered Functionalities: The Z Flip 6 also includes real-time text and voice translation, live wallpapers that adjust based on time and weather, and a Vapor Chamber for superior heat dissipation. Both new smartphones will receive seven generations of OS updates and seven years of security updates.

Health Tracking Innovations

Galaxy Ring

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Ring, a lightweight titanium wearable designed for 24/7 health and sleep monitoring. This miniaturized device features Samsung’s advanced sensor technology and offers a seven-day battery life on a single charge, available starting at $399.

Galaxy Watch 7

The Galaxy Watch 7 offers comprehensive health tracking with over 100 workouts, AI-powered sleep analysis, and the first-ever FDA-authorized sleep apnea monitoring feature. It includes a dual-frequency GPS for accurate tracking and a 3nm processor for improved power efficiency. Priced at $299, it’s set to be a game-changer in wearable technology.

Galaxy Watch Ultra

For the adventurous and active users, the Galaxy Watch Ultra, priced at $649, provides up to 100 hours of operation in power-saving mode. It also includes Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for cyclists, offering customized performance metrics with a four-minute session.

AI-Powered Features in Smartphones

Samsung’s new smartphones are packed with generative AI tools that enhance creativity and productivity.

Generative AI Tools

These tools include the Sketch to Image feature, which allows users to create detailed artwork from simple S Pen sketches, and AI capabilities that manipulate art and real photographs based on simple instructions.

Real-Time Text and Voice Translation

The new phones offer real-time text and voice translation, making communication across languages seamless and efficient.

Samsung Health App Enhancements

Energy Score

Samsung has added the Energy Score feature to its Health App, powered by Galaxy AI. This feature uses health metrics from devices, such as activity, sleep, heart rate, and heart rate variability, to provide insights into how these factors affect daily life. Users receive personalized messages to help improve their overall health.

New Wearables

Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

Samsung also launched new wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, priced at $179 and $249, respectively. These earbuds offer ear shape customization to minimize sound leakage, a machine learning algorithm-powered noise reduction engine, active noise cancellation, and a safety feature that allows emergency sounds to override noise cancellation.

AI Innovations

Circle to Search

The Circle to Search feature enables users to perform Google search operations within apps by long-pressing the home screen button and circling or highlighting the element of interest.

ProVisual Engine

This AI-powered suite is designed for capturing and manipulating images, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Chat Assist, Interpreter, Live Translate, Note Assist

These AI features include Chat Assist for conversational tone adjustments, Interpreter for instant translations during live conversations, Live Translate for real-time call translations in multiple languages, and Note Assist for neatly aligning and spacing S Pen handwriting.

XR Platform Tease

Samsung teased its upcoming XR platform, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm and Google. This platform, set to launch later this year, promises to bring a new dimension to the XR experience.


Galaxy Unpacked 2024 showcased Samsung’s relentless innovation in AI and health tracking. From the powerful Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 to the health-focused Galaxy Ring and watches, Samsung continues to push the boundaries of technology. With these advancements, Samsung is not only enhancing user experiences but also paving the way for a future where AI and health tracking are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.


What are the key features of the Galaxy Z Fold 6?

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 features a thinner and lighter design, ultra-thin glass made with Shear Thickening Fluid (STF), and Google’s Gemini AI tool for enhanced productivity. It also offers improved NPU, GPU, and CPU performance.

How does the Galaxy Ring monitor health?

The Galaxy Ring monitors health 24/7 using advanced sensor technology, tracking sleep and other health metrics. It offers a seven-day battery life and does not require a subscription to use.

What AI tools are available on the new smartphones?

The new smartphones feature generative AI tools like Sketch to Image, real-time text and voice translation, and the ProVisual Engine for image manipulation.

When will the new devices be available?

The new devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Z Flip 6, Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch 7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra, will be available by the end of July 2024.

What is the Energy Score in the Samsung Health App?

The Energy Score is a feature in the Samsung Health App that uses health metrics to provide insights into how activity, sleep, heart rate, and heart rate variability affect daily life. It offers personalized messages to help improve overall health.

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