got very angry by leaked Valencia project reportedly killed factory

Tesla got very angry by leaked Valencia project reportedly killed factory

Tesla was reportedly “very angry” when news of its potential factory in Valencia, Spain, leaked, leading the company to abandon the project. Earlier this month, media reports surfaced claiming that Tesla had plans for a major factory in Valencia.

Sources close to Ximo Puig, the head of the Valencia government, stated that Tesla was displeased with the leaked negotiations. According to these sources, Ximo Puig explained that the information came from an internal leak, which infuriated Tesla. The disclosure of the confidential negotiations with the Generalitat led Tesla to believe that the negotiations had broken down, resulting in a “serious problem” for the company.

As a result, the negotiations between Tesla and Valencia are now said to be over. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that the company aims to reveal a new factory location by the end of the year.

While it is understandable that Tesla would not be happy about the leak, it is uncertain whether it was the sole reason for abandoning the project. Despite its preference for secrecy, Tesla might have continued with the negotiations if the location and incentives were attractive enough. Therefore, there might be more to the story than just the leak.

Over the past year, Tesla has been exploring potential locations for new factories, including Canada, France, and India. The leaked report suggested that Tesla was in advanced negotiations with the Spanish government, with plans to invest €4.5 billion in a Gigafactory in Valencia. However, the frustration caused by the leak apparently led Tesla to withdraw from the negotiations, eliminating Spain’s chances of securing the automaker’s next major production facility.

While Spain is now out of the race, India appears to be a strong contender for Tesla’s next factory. The country has a growing market for electric vehicles and offers a favorable business environment for foreign investment. Tesla has already made significant progress in India, with the recent opening of a showroom in Mumbai and the launch of its online configurator for customers in the country. Establishing a factory in India would not only support Tesla’s expansion plans but also align with the Indian government’s push for clean and sustainable transportation.

Nevertheless, other countries such as Canada, South Korea, Indonesia, and France have also emerged as potential suitors for the electric automaker’s future production plants. Each of these countries offers unique advantages, including access to skilled labor, supportive government policies, and strategic geographical locations. Tesla will likely consider these factors along with market potential and infrastructure development when making its final decision.

The search for a new factory location is a crucial step for Tesla as it seeks to meet the growing demand for its electric vehicles. The company has been expanding its production capacity worldwide to keep up with orders for its popular models like the Model 3, Model Y, and upcoming Cybertruck. Building additional factories will not only increase Tesla’s manufacturing capabilities but also enable it to better serve different regional markets and reduce delivery times for customers.

In recent years, Tesla has demonstrated its ability to establish and operate successful Gigafactories around the world. These facilities serve as manufacturing hubs for batteries, electric vehicle components, and complete vehicles. They also contribute to local economies by creating jobs, attracting investments, and promoting technological innovation. Therefore, the selection of a new factory location is not only significant for Tesla but also holds importance for the chosen region’s economic growth and sustainability initiatives.

As Tesla continues its search for the ideal factory location, the company remains committed to advancing sustainable transportation and accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy. With its innovative electric vehicles, energy storage solutions, and renewable energy projects, Tesla has become a leading force in the global automotive industry. The establishment of new Gigafactories will further solidify Tesla’s position and contribute to the company’s mission of creating a sustainable future.



Tesla abandoned Spain Gigafactory as EV maker grew furious with leak


Tesla got ‘very angry’ by leaked Valencia project, reportedly killed factory

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Tesla abandoned Spain Gigafactory as EV maker grew furious with leak