Windows 11’s next update arrives with Copilot, AI-powered Paint, and more

It’s great to hear about the upcoming Windows 11 23H2 update scheduled for release on September 26th, 2023, and the exciting features it will bring. Here’s a summary of some of the key features and improvements:Windows 11’s next update arrives with Copilot, AI-powered Paint, and more

  1. Windows 11 Copilot:

    This is the headline feature, bringing an AI-powered digital assistant to Windows 11. It offers various functionalities, including controlling settings, launching apps, and answering queries. It integrates across the operating system, making it a versatile addition.

  2. Redesigned File Explorer:

    The File Explorer will receive a more modern look with features like a home interface with large file thumbnails and a carousel interface for recent and favorite files. This update aims to better align File Explorer with the overall Windows 11 design.

  3. Ink Anywhere:

    This feature caters to stylus users, allowing them to handwrite with a stylus in any text box within Windows. The OS will convert handwritten input into text and apply it where necessary.

  4. Improved Windows Backup:

    The Windows Backup app will be enhanced to enable easier migration to a new device. It will automatically apply your settings from the cloud backup to the new PC, including pinned apps on the Start menu and taskbar.

  5. Snipping Tool Enhancements:

    The Snipping Tool will gain a new feature to detect text in screenshots and allow for easy sharing of text in apps. Additionally, you’ll be able to automatically redact and hide emails and phone numbers from images.

  6. Background Blur in Photos App: If you use the Photos app in Windows 11, you’ll have access to a background blur option. This feature will identify the background in a photo and blur it, highlighting the subject. You can customize the blur intensity and areas.

While this update brings several notable improvements, it’s worth noting that Microsoft has a larger 23H2 update planned for the future. Some of the upcoming features include a new volume mixer, native support for RAR and 7-zip, Dynamic Lighting for RGB accessories, app labels, and ungrouping for the Windows 11 taskbar. However, the release date for these features hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Overall, this upcoming Windows 11 update appears to enhance user experience and productivity with a range of new and improved features.